28 January 2022
used coach buses

Womy Used Coach Buses

Womy was founded in 1996 and they have since then specialised in selling all types of equipment. Their services can be found worldwide if you need any public transport, lift trucks or used coach buses. Their main office is located in Moerdijik port in Amsterdam. That’s the maintenance site, and the area for stock parking.

Different Categories of Buses

When you visit the official site, you will find that Womy has a comprehensive list of different suppliers who deliver different types of coach buses. They have tried to be very flexible by offering different sizes of buses as you will see on their page. This ensures that every customer gets what they are looking for. To make the work easier, they have subcategorised the buses into different categories. So, you can get anything from articulated buses to city buses, or even intercity buses.

used coach buses

Why Choose Womy for bus coaches?

There are so many reasons why getting used bus coaches from Womy is a great idea. Here are some of the top reasons:
• The company has 5 years of experience
Womy equipment has been dealing with used coach buses for a long time. It has actually been the core of the business for the last 25 years. With such experience, the company has grown and developed a lot of expertise in the field of transport solutions especially with buses.
• Good products for low prices
Womy is able to offer high-quality service and after sales solutions unlike other companies. If you purchase their used coach buses, be sure you will enjoy their after sales services. What’s more, they will stay in touch with you and you can always get the spare parts you need so that your bus can stay operational.

In conclusion, Womy equipment is the perfect company to deal with if you are looking for used coach buses. You will be satisfied by their products and the aftersales services will see to it that you enjoy their products on a long term basis.