28 January 2022

Which Affiliate Marketing Platform Will Grow Your Business?

Small businesses require an easy way to hire marketers to assist them in selling their products. And tiny web marketers need an easy way to earn a fee from the traffic they generate. The affiliate marketplace overcomes both of these issues.

Affiliate marketing is the practice of marketing a brand’s goods and services in exchange for a commission. Small firms can use this model to sell their products. Alternatively, affiliate marketing might generate cash for a small firm such as a web publisher.

With an affiliate marketing platform, like the ones enlisted in this article, you can increase your ROI and grow your business in no time. 

1.     Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is an excellent alternative if you want to promote tangible things on your website. You can earn a commission on almost everything sold on Amazon.com with Amazon Associates.

What makes this program even more lucrative is that you get a commission on any new product purchased by someone you suggest, even if it is not the product you linked to.

Previously, Amazon Associates offers a commission rate based on the amount of revenue/sales you drove. However, since 2017, Amazon has switched to a flat-rate commission structure where you’re paid a set percentage depending on each purchase category.

2.     Reditus

Reditus is an outstanding affiliate marketing platform you can get for your business, whether as a small business, startup, or large enterprise. It sits on this list for its versatility and ease of use.

Reditus is the place to go if you want to join B2B partner programs. They provide a marketplace where you can simply identify new partner programs to join; all handled from a single dashboard.

3.     Awin

Awin was created in Germany; hence, the merchant list has a European bent, though there are many US/global enterprises. Another major affiliate network that provides access to more than 13,000 different merchants is Awin – a short for Affiliate Window.

Awin acquired ShareASale in 2017; however, the two companies continue to operate as independent organizations with various merchants. Awin is used by over 13,000 merchants, so you’ll have plenty of alternatives for both physical and digital products.

You’ll have to apply to each merchant in the network independently, just as CJ and ShareASale. After that, you then create your links and begin tracking statistics.

4.     ShareASale

ShareASale is a well-known affiliate network. And unlike Amazon Associates, which is solely focused on Amazon products, ShareASale has affiliate programs for over 4,500 retailers, large and small.

You can sign up for all of these merchants, generate links, and monitor your data from one location – the ShareASale user dashboard.

Keep that you will need to apply to each retailer separately and be approved by each merchant, which is a very common method for an affiliate platform like this. Overall, ShareASale is a brilliant choice for both physical and digital goods.

5.     CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate—formerly known as Commission Junction—is another affiliate network that unites hundreds of different merchants under one roof (a lot like ShareASale).

CJ, like ShareASale, is one of the largest affiliate networks, which means you’ll be able to connect with thousands of both large and small businesses. Currently, there are 2,696 different merchants.

Final Thoughts

Most affiliate marketing software will do their primary job – promote your products – but they don’t offer the same level of effectiveness that aids business growth.

Each affiliate marketing platform in this article was handpicked, and with any of them, you’re good to go in the affiliate marketplace.