1 December 2021

Surf School Reservation System

With the evolving technology, don’t hassle so much to make your customer experience awesome. You can run all your business using one surf system. The surf school reservation system makes it possible for your customers to book services at their convenience. Besides, it is a cool way that will attract clients your way. Much of everything, including lesson schedules done by a click on the dashboard

Don’t go through the hassle of how your clients can reach you. Viking Booking is available to give that amazing experience. Furthermore, your business can perfectly run even during rainy days. You can manage your entire surf camp just through Viking Booking software. Your clients can comfortably book lessons and you can schedule the bookings easily.

Why you need a reservation system

Viking Booking is what you need to have a top-notch business. It does the work, improves your business and gives incredible customer experience. Technology runs your business and you get the returns. Here is why you need it:

Customer satisfaction

90% of Millenials own smartphones and use the internet the most. Your clients will love to engage with you online. Besides, they can make online reservations on the website dashboard. Viking booking ensures satisfaction and gives constant email reminders.

Saves time

Your instructors have access to their accounts. Thus, they can schedule their lessons. Additionally, any student who gets to join surf school gets their account to book lessons with the instructors. With Viking booking, your students can book, schedule and reschedule from their accounts. Besides, it gives you control over your time. You can manage your agendas while your surf school runs online.

Weather dependent

Surf school reservation system gives room for advanced lesson planning. However, it would be best if you had flexibility in matching clients with an available instructor. Viking Booking fine-tunes all the schedules and fills group lessons according to client needs.

Automated payment

Viking booking system understands your business. Your clients can book at anytime and securely pay over the website. Also, there is a 24/7 flow of client bookings. With Viking, you can manage your business from home or the beach.

Wrap up

Don’t go for just any reservation software for your surf school. Choose Viking booking to track and grow your business. It saves a lot of time and you can monitor every session.