1 December 2021


Just like purchasing a second-hand vehicle, a used generator set is typically reliable. However, the major challenge is to determine the extent to which the equipment was treated by the previous owner. Therefore, there are various factors that you need to consider before procuring a pre-owned generator set. This article aims to provide insight to those factors.

Choice of Supplier

Who and where you purchase the used generator set is vital in deciding the state that your equipment will be in. This is because generators are complex forms of machinery, and they need to be tested by authorized technicians to ensure that they are operating at optimum efficiency.

That being said, you should select a vendor that is fully knowledgeable on generator sets, and has a proven track of selling them. In turn, you will rest assured that the piece of machinery has been checked for quality standards before being sold.


Usage of Machinery

Generator sets, even used ones, are a costly investment, and thus, you the first items that should be on your checklist are:

  • Run-time
  • Age
  • Generator usage

Basically, this means that a generator set that was previously used as a back-up power source will be in better form as compared to a generator set that was being used as the prime power source.

Key to note is that there are various dealers that obtain their generators from auctions, and at times may not have the information about the generator sets.

Reputation of the Manufacturer

When purchasing a used set, always avoid machineries whose manufacturers have a poor history and reputation. Instead, opt for a manufacturer who is well-known for making quality products.