28 January 2022
hardness tester

Hardness Tester

A hardness tester is a gadget used to measure the degree of firmness of a particular material. Hardness testers have systematized indenters that are either sharp or spherical. The indenters exert pressure on the surface of the material whose hardness is being assessed, by trying to penetrate it. Due to the impact of the indenter, a dent may be left on the material, therefore making it easy to determine how tough the material is.

The primary objective of carrying out hardness tests is to evaluate various attributes of certain materials. Some of these attributes are robustness, adaptability, and the resilience of the material. After the evaluation, it can be determined whether the material is fitting for the intended purpose. Consequently, if the indenter deforms or substantially wrecks the material being tested, then the material is unsuitable for purposes that require a strong and durable material.

hardness tester

Factors That Determine the Ideal Hardness Tester

There are multiple types of hardness tester, used to carry out different kinds of tests. Here are the elements that should be reviewed, to arrive at the suitable type of hardness test, or rather, tester:

  1. The kind of material to be tested.
  2. The estimated degree of hardness of the material.
  3. The dimensions of the part on which the test is to be performed.
  4. The needed precision of the outcome.
  5. The quantity of the samples involved in the test.
  6. The uniformity or the multiformity of the material.

Considering these factors will make it simple to settle on the ideal hardness tester. Consequently, the test will yield accurate results regarding the material’s resistance.