28 January 2022

Deburring Aluminium

Deburring aluminium is a complex process, which is why it may take quite some time to accomplish. Furthermore, the process isn’t just the ordinary cut and dry. You may need to refer to other different methods to achieve a clear polished surface.

Methods of deburring the metal

Before you take on the deburring process, the key considerations are the properties of aluminium that make this process more complex, including density and strength. However, the properties of the burr will determine the method too, among other aspects like the location, number of edges burred, the length and height of burr. Here are some of the methods:

  • Robotic deburring: This is a precise way of making things work. Besides, it is easier and faster. Although the method has its advantages, it is quite expensive and takes a lot of time to set up.
  • Brush deburring: Brush deburring is also very effective and considerably fast. However, there are several environmental issues associated with the process. The primary concern is the effect of the dust emissions on human health.
  • Bonded abrasive deburring: It may be the best method to use when you have huge stock to accomplish. It is highly versatile and comes highly recommended. Although it is fast in delivering results, it may sometimes result in smaller burr formations.