28 January 2022

Are prepared vegetables as healthy as fresh vegetables?

We should eat at least 250 grams of vegetables every day. Buying prepared parsnip is quite useful because it’s easy to cook & consume. But are they as healthy as fresh vegetables?

Eating healthy is important

What you eat every day affects your risk of cancer. It is important to eat healthy. By choosing mainly plant-based foods, such as vegetables, you get a lot of fiber and healthy nutrients. But is there a difference between fresh vegetables and frozen vegetables?

What are Fresh Vegetables?

Fresh vegetables are picked unripe. During transport, they have time to mature further. However, it gives the vegetables less time to develop the full nutritional values ​​compared to fully ripened vegetables. The vegetables are kept refrigerated during transport and often treated with chemicals to prevent spoilage.

What are Prepared Vegetables?

Prepared vegetables are usually picked when they are fully ripe, so they contain the most nutrients. They are then washed, blanched, cut, frozen and packaged within hours. Blanching causes a loss of nutrients, but after freezing the nutritional values ​​remain fairly stable.

The difference

Both fresh and frozen vegetables lose moisture shortly after harvesting, which also causes a loss of nutrients. This mainly concerns vitamins and antioxidants. In terms of nutrients, frozen vegetables have been shown to be equal to fresh vegetables. If a decrease in nutrients can be seen in frozen vegetables, it is usually small.

In conclusion: Frozen vegetables are just as healthy as fresh vegetables