28 January 2022
dairy processing machinery

A second life for dairy machines

Dairy is an important part of the diet in The Netherlands. The most common breakfast and lunch item is a cheese sandwich, or ‘broodje kaas’, often accompanied by a nice cold glass of full fat or skimmed milk. Most of the dairy in The Netherlands is produced domestically. The Dutch dairy industry is well advanced, with many experienced specialists in the field. When it comes to dairy machine, Lekkerkerker Dairy & Food is your go-to expert in The Netherlands. Over many years, the company has specialised in refurbishing used machinery, so anyone in the world can profit from the Dutch’ advanced dairy processing technology.

Decades of production

Food machinery, when produced in Western Europe, is usually developed for a long life cycle. Dairy processing machines are built to provide butter, margarine and cheese products for decades. Lekkerkerker keeps an eye out for any food processing machine in Western Europe that might be eligible for a second life. When bought, the machine will get a complete overhaul by a team of skilful engineers. After that, it’s ready for many more years of dairy production anywhere in the world.

Cheese curds and butter cups

If you produce anything dairy related, and are wondering how technology can make your life easier, here’s some examples of what the various dairy and food processing machines can help you with:

  • Churning butter (turning it into cream);
  • Shaping butter or margarine into blocks and wrap those;
  • Make Gouda or Edam cheese;
  • Make many other kinds of cheese;
  • Prepare cheese for processing in other foods…
  • …and much more!

If you want to know more about dairy processing machines, feel free to look around on the Lekkerkerker Dairy & Food company website. Have a look at: cheese making machine & GEA Westfalia.